Nicholson Lectures on the Alexander Palace for the Russian Nobility Association in New York

New York -- On the evening of February 25, Nicholas Nicholson, Museum Liaison for Friends of the Alexander Palace, delivered a lecture for the Russian Nobility Association in America entitled “The Alexander Palace: Last Home of the Imperial Family.”  Nicholson was asked to present as a "Prince Alexis Scherbatow Lecturer" in the most recent of the Nobility Association's series of lectures in support of the Prince Alexis P. Scherbatow Scholarship Fund.  

Presenting recent scholarly information made available to him by the curatorial staff of the Alexander Palace, Nicholson gave an informative survey of the history of the palace, from its creation in the reign of Catherine II “The Great,” to its subsequent decoration and modernizations during the reigns of later emperors.  Particular emphasis was given to the creation of the suite of private rooms of the last Emperor Nicholas II and his wife the Empress Alexandra Feodorovna.  Nicholson also recounted the losses to the palace’s collection under communism, and the devastating damage to the palace during the Second World War. 

The Alexander Palace gave Nicholson special permission to illustrate the rooms of the palace in as they existed in 1918 by showing the valuable color autochromes only recently discovered abroad and returned to the palace by the Friends.  This was the first time these images had been seen publically in the US.  The lecture ended with images of the beautifully restored Parade Rooms of the palace, and updates on the many projects currently underway at the Alexander Palace. 

Attended by a crowd of well over one hundred that filled the Great Hall of the Synod of Bishops of the Russian Orthodox Church Outside of Russia, the lecture was hailed a success by members of the Nobility Association and their guests alike.